1988 Lionel Factory Tour

In 1988 I was privileged to accompany WSBT reporter Bill Warrick on a story he did on Lionel and it's Christmas tradition. We had free run of the Lionel factory and were to able to document a bit of Lionel history and the way it was done then.  It was a fascinating tour and we will be ever grateful to Lionel for the privilege. It is a time gone by and we will never get a "factory" tour again.   Photos Copywrite Carl Tuveson 2004

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Just arrived at Mount Clemens , Mi Behind this door is where the magic begins
Assembly line of Dept 65, here making Burro Cranes
Must be on break?  Final Assembly on the AF line
Flyer PAs waiting final testing If they  make it up the grade they "made the grade"
Chassis to body assembly
Rubber stamping graphics on Thomas Car Assembly of the Virginia  and Truckee Cars
Graphic stamping a Large scale tender Boards with various sample stampings.
Tender shells exiting the paint booth. Docksider shells in the paint line.
Naked Geeps waiting their turn. Assembly of the V&T American Steamer
Work cabeese in the paint shop V&T cars getting graphics applied
Christmas boxcars waiting final assembly Assembling Large scale tenders.
Box of engine shells.  Parts Stamping line
Track assembly line. Track extrusion machine
Service Repair bench station Service repair station.
Repairs in waiting Test layout for serviced repairs 
Quality assurance testing under load. Testing cabooses
Packing product Signal bridges waiting further assembly
Shelves of units under test.