AC Motor TMCC Compatible Mini Driver Board

This a third design of my TMCC compatible Mini Driver boards. This board is for single AC Motors only up to 4 amps. This version is smaller than my AC/DC design and has a few less components.  It would fit easily in  smaller slope back tenders.  Be sure to use a heatsink on the triacs and insulate the triacs from the heatsink.  The  Board is drawn with PCB123, a FREE product that can be downloaded from the PCB123 web site . I have the board's latest design in a file available here for download.  If you want use PCB123 program to order boards, it shows a cost of less than $9 each using the PCB123 program for a quantity of 20. If you order less it costs more. It is a pretty slick program that lets you order them online from  the boards plan. I have not used them yet so I can't give a testimonial for them. 

Note..  Be sure you adequately heatsink the Triacs  to the chassis etc. and use thermal compound as they will get quite warm with the higher current of an AC motor.

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Parts List:

4 - Triacs   NTE5602 from Mouser 
2 -Opto Isolator  MOC3010 from Mouser or Digikey

3 - Resistors  100 ohm 1/4 watt common anywhere.

1 - Dip header connector for the R2CL is Mouser # 649-68691-172  Mfg. is Bergstick. These are nice gold plated and have .318 long pins.  Being 72 pins you can get 3 sets out of one connector, or a common dual breakaway header will work.

1 - Lionel R2LC Receiver Module from Digital Dynamics or TAS Studio.

1- Mini Slide program/run switch. Common anywhere or Radio Shack 275-406 

X-ray view.  Board dimensions 1.3 x 1.8 Inch
Schematic Drawing

Bottom view looking from bottom.

Top View looking from top.

Parts Layout.

R2LC Receiver Pinouts

1,2  -    AC Hot Center rail on 3 rail track)
3,4  -    AC Return (outside rail on 3 rail track)
5,6  -    Smoke output
7,8  -    Rear coupler
9,10 -   Rear headlight
11,12 - Front coupler
13,14 - Front headlight
15 -       i/o2 (-4 only)
16 -       Reverse motor drive
17 -       i/o input (from smoke switch)
18 -       Forward motor drive
19,20 - +5 volts out (30ma max)
21 -       Master Clear to microprocessor
22 -       Program/Run switch input
23 -       Antenna
24 -       Serial data out (Railsounds)