AF EP-5 TMCC Conversion
With Operating Electro-Couplers
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The EP-5 is one of the easier TMCC conversions to do. There is lots of room to work with. This particular engine was made from parts picked up on E-bay from the Lionel auction. The unit runs very well but as with all Lionel/AF engines it is geared for express service, so the low speed control of TMCC really helps. This unit will be a candidate for a repaint someday to a Pennsy Brunswick green color scheme.
I used a R2LC receiver ( available from Digital Dynamics ) and my MDB board to do the TMCC conversion. The red wire in the picture is the Antenna. The headlights also change with the direction of the engine.

I also moved one of the traction wheels to improve the power pickup. For Details click here
The MDB and receiver are mounted horizontally and have plenty of room.  I reused the horn switch as the Program/Run switch. This unit was missing the horn board but it will work if yours has one by using the horn button on your transformer to activate the horn. Since the output of the MDB board ifs full wave DC it does not affect operation legacy horn boards.
This conversion can also be done to older AC Gilbert, AC power trucks. 

This unit also was a perfect candidate for conversion to operating electro couplers.

Here is a detail shot of the converted electro coupler.  It really works well. Too bad Lionel hasn't tooled these for AF.  For details on converting Lionel couplers click here. The example shown there is not exactly the same as used on the EP-5. The part cut away on the coupler is on the top of the shank instead of the bottom otherwise the concept is the same.
Wiring Diagram for the EP-5 with Electro Couplers.