Penn Central E40
Formerly New Haven EP-5
The Black Jets

Penn Central refitted eight former New Haven EP-5 passenger locomotives. Known by crews as "Jets," these locomotives were built in 1955 for the NH, wore the "McGinnis" paint scheme, and were numbered in the 370-series. After the PC merger the eight surviving units were re-classed as E40s, numbered 4970-4977, and were painted PC black. They were originally slated for passenger service, but they proved to be unreliable, so they were put into freight service. Six E40s survived to Conrail, but were retired by the end of 1977.

This is my rendition if the Penn Central E-40. A Repainted A.F. New Haven EP-5.

Equipped with a ERR Cruise Lite TMCC board and Sound Commander and dual Electro Couplers