B&O/ Pennsylvania Junction Lapaz IN. circa 1930
This is where I fell in love with Railroading
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Photos copy write 2005 by Carl Tuveson  

These photos were taken by my father on the B&O tracks looking east near Lapaz Indiana circa 1930.  I spent many hours playing on these tracks and watching many high speed passenger trains and freight drags at the end of the steam era. My grandfather worked as a telegrapher for the Pennsy and their house was a stones through from the B&O and Pennsy junction.  My grandparents house would be just out of the picture on the left. The town of Lapaz would be at your back in this picture.   The building next to the loco was a restaurant and boarding house for the crews that my grandmother ran for a while. She was also a car inspector during the war. Down the track a half mile or so is the Pennsy crossing and B&O interlock tower is behind the trains.
 The flagman is on the siding and junction tracks that lead to the Pennsy. line which crosses the B&O a half mile down the tracks.  It looks like they are getting ready to set out some cars.

 I was lucky enough to spend time with Grandpa at work on his shift a few times at the Pennsy/Wabash junction in Lakeville IN. Just Diesel at that time there. That couldn't happen now in these day.


In the background you can make out the coaling tower