Adding Sound to TMCC Locos
Conventional mode will be supported too in new release!

Here Using the Electric RR  Sound Commander (Phase 1)
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I used a Electric RR's  Sound Commander board. This was using a  first generation experimental version of the  Sound Commander which is being released as an improved more versatile and powerful version. The size will be similar to the one used here.   
This installation was to prove the design of the small speakers for S gauge locos as well as to demonstrate the new  Sound Commander's potential. The Sound Commander's small size makes it very versatile.   
Here is the early version of the  Sound Commander board. It is fastened to the roof of the shell with double sided tape. The  Sound Commander can be changed to a steam whistle by adding a jumper on the board. This version only has the Bell and  Horn/Whistle sounds but the production version will have more sounds and can be upgraded in the field by changing the sound chip.
Finding speakers to fit and still make a decent sound is a challenge. I found these tiny 1" x 1/2" oval speakers at Jameco Electronics. Part number 307854. 
By combining them in an assembly I was able to get the size and volume that was acceptable. I Glued them side by side and added pieces of Plastistruct  as spacers and to give them added strength. The assembly just fits in the body and give it a sound chamber to resonate with..
Bottom view shows that I removed most of the connector pins for clearance and soldered  the wire to them directly wiring them in series. 
The American Models FM Trainmaster fan grill is the perfect place to put the speakers. The speakers are pulled back a bit to show the grill underneath them in this picture. They are mounted flat against them normally. 

This board will give the AF operator a wealth of new sound capabilities for Diesel, Steam and Accessories as new sounds are offered.

For more information on the  Sound Commander visit the Electric RR web site.


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