S Helper Service F3 TMCC Conversion
Using the Electric RR Co's Mini Commander and Sound Commander

SHS's Beautiful F3s with TMCC and Sounds
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TMCC Compatible conversion of SHS's F3s use the Electric RR Co's Mini Commander and Sound Commander boards. These are the only TMCC compatible systems that will fit. 

These Mini Commanders have a custom version of firmware to allow Engine functionality. 
Firmware for engines is not sold as a product so Contact Electric RR for details and conditions to obtain it. 

Each unit gets a Mini Commander receiver installed and they are run in a Lash-up Mode 

The Sounds include Prime Mover stepped with the throttle, Air Brake pop offs, Horn and Bell.  
This is the A unit.   

This is the A unit Wiring board. A jumper has been added (green) for the motor and lights common to the track common and you can see the motor rectifier Diodes and Bypass Capacitor

You can see the wiring (white) for the Headlight and marker lights pushed into the connectors.
This is the B unit. I installed a grain of wheat bulb in the headlight connector (LC-1) to aid in programming and it gives a interior lighting effect to the B unit.  This is the B unit wiring. The white and black wires are the sound boards output to the speaker connections. The Red wire is the Track hot to the boards. I used the tethers between the A and B units to connect the speaker in the A unit to the B unit.
A piece of vector board was used to make a mounting shelf on top of the truck tower.
The Sound Board shelf is held in place by tapping the existing holes in the truck tower for 2-56 screws and using washers for spacers under the vector board  to clear the truck pivot.
Double sided foam tape is used to secure the sound board to the added shelf and foam tape also holds the Mini Commander in place.

Volume is more than adequate. I keep it on the lowest settings.

I do not use a program run switch since the Mini Commander features Soft SetŪ. It is programmed from the Cab-1

To prevent the possibility of heat from the triac damaging the shell roof I added a simple heat sink from .032 aluminum strip. There is a 2-56 screw through the triacs to hold the heatsink in place. It runs cool now.
This is a schematic of the wiring for both the A and B units. The boxed sections are appropriate for the applicable unit.

For more information see
The Electric RR Co.

The Electric Railroad Company
939 Wood Duck Ave.
Santa Clara, Ca.  95051    USA