S-Helper-Service SW-1,SW-9
®* compatible conversion

Re-purposing Electric RR Co.'s Mini Commander with Custom Software.

S Helper's SW-9 and SW-1 Locos with TMCC 

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The S Helper Service SW-1 is the smallest loco I have converted to TMCC yet..

To do the conversion I used a Mini Commander, a new product from the Electric RR Co. Designed as a multi purpose unit. It is designed as an Accessory and Switch control unit. The Software used in this application is a special custom written version .

The Mini Commander just fits by removing it's connectors and wiring the power and motor leads directly to the board.  The Mini straddles the motor's drive coupling.

The Mini Commander's small size (.9 x 1.9") makes it practical to install in most anything

 I used a Molex connector for the headlights to aid in the shell removal.  A 4.7uf NP capacitor must be added across the motor leads

I removed the mounting bosses in the shell to make additional clearance room.

The motor diodes were soldered directly on the board where the HC-1 and HC-2 connectors were. The Triacs run very cool with the DC can motor. Two external  diodes (1n4004) are used for the motor. One on each HC output. HC-1 is forward and the HC-2 is reverse. The antenna is just piece of solid  wire (red in the pictures).

A custom made heat sink for the HC-1 and HC-2 triacs also serves as the mount for the board. Since the power is isolated from the chassis the heat sink doesn't need to be isolated from the chassis.  The LC-1 an LC- 2 outputs are used for the headlight control
The heatsink is made from 1/32 aluminum sheet metal.

The triac screw hole is drilled with a #52 drill and tapped 2-56 through both holes. and is mounted to the chassis with the screws that held the original headlight connector board that was removed.
  This is a gorgeous little loco that performs beautifully 
Wiring Diagram. I did not use the program run switch as the Softset™* program allows programming the unit from the Cab-1.
Here is another SHS SW-1 conversion project.
SHS  SW-9 TMCC Conversion
The SW-9 Heatsink is a simpler design than the SW-1. It required the drilling the and tapping the frame for a 2-56x1/8" mounting screw. The 4.7uf NP cap is across the motor connections.    I removed the HC and LC connectors and wired the motor diodes and Molex headlight connector directly to the board.
Not a hard conversion to do. The mounting boss in the shell has to be removed as in the SW-1 installation. 

If your Loco has LED headlights you need to make a replacement LED board. It is made from a piece of PC vector board.  

The LED board  has rectifier diodes and current limiting resistors on it. 

The SW-9 is a great running and looking loco.

* TMCC®  is a registered trademark of Lionel,LLC
* Softsetis a registered trademark of the Eelectric RR Co.
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