TMCC Track Cleaning Caboose
Based on S-n-S's Track Cleaning Cars

Here is the original S-n-S Caboose chassis being tested. 

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I have always been intrigued with S-n-S-s track cleaning cars but have resisted the temptation. When Steve made a caboose version I had to have one.  Steve offered to make me one without a shell as I had a shell already I wanted to use.

First off et me say it is the best cleaning car I have ever used. After only two passed the difference in the patina between the adjacent tracks was clearly noticeable.

So as they come from S-n-S there are no improvements I could suggest as far as the track cleaning ability. It gets the job done!   

That being said..   I always love to tweak things to my tastes. The chassis came with S Helper Service trucks and are very nice.
I did though change the couplers it shipped with to ones with a shorter tongue from American Models. 

Since I use TMCC almost exclusively on the Layout, I wanted control of the Cleaning motor so it would be able to start and stop at will on a MOW train waiting clearance without having to kill the power to the block it was in. 

I also hooked up an interior lighting control.


Here is another place for the Electric RR's Mini Commander to shine as it again is the only product that would fit in the space allowed. As it was I had to remove the input/output connectors and wire with pigtails to conserve space. 
The cleaning motor is rated at a higher voltage than a TMCC board can drive effectively  and you needed the full track voltage to get the best cleaning performance, so I opted to use a relay that switched the track voltage directly to the motor's bridge rectifier.

You can see here I added a lead weight to replace the brass one that I had to remove due to space limits.


With it's new Pennsylvania  shell it looks handsome waiting to keep up the MOW.

I added frosted Mylar window stock to the shell windows as there was no room for the original window insert shell.

I also blacked the brass cleaning  wheel to help it blend in a bit.

Here is the schematic

On the Cab-1 remote control the Aux-2 function turns the interior lighting on and off.

The Motor is controlled with the Aux-9 to turn on the motor and Aux-8 to turn off.


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