S Gauge and TMCC 

This is a page dedicated to the use of Lionel's Trainmaster Command Control
 and it's development and promotion in S gauge AC locos.  

News From Lionel:

The new TMCC Mikados are HERE!

They are absolutely gorgeous. Now we will see what other offerings may be in store?
A Mikado review

There may indeed be a  future with  TMCC and American Flyer!

 TMCC has the definite advantage over DCC systems that TMCC can be mixed with Legacy equipment on the same
layout. You can take a TMCC equipped engine and still run it on your buddy's conventional layout and it will run like a non-TMCC engine by automatically switching itself to run in the conventional mode. 

Scope of these pages:
In the pages that follow you will find as much as I can find on the subject, some conversions that I have done, and links of interest. PLEASE feel free to send comments, questions, ideas and suggestions for other links that should be added here. Please contact me at carl@tuveson.com

What is TMCC?
A fun and informative site to visit

TMCC Informational Pamphlet
by Brady Burdge

A technical look at TMCC
Schematics and Theory by Cam Bickel

TMCC Signal Improvement
Ideas to help signal strength

Programming The R2LC Receiver
Change the Features to match the Engine.

A Do it yourself TMCC Project 
 Make you own Mini Halfwave DC TMCC Mini driver board 

Another Do it yourself TMCC Project
 Make you own Mini AC/DC Fullwave TMCC Mini driver board 

Yet Another TMCC Driver Board Design
Make your own AC Only Motor Mini driver board.

A Mini Commander as a TMCC Engine Receiver
Re-purposing in American Models Engines 

Improving the Mini Commander Throttle Response  
A simple fix.

ERR Mini Commander (I) Feature Codes
For the LC-1 & LC-2 Outputs

S Helper Locomatic and TMCC Compatibility
Running them on the same track

S Helper Engine Conversion to TMCC
Re-purposing the Mini Commander

TMCC Wiring Diagrams for American Flyer Layouts
Using an American flyer Transformer

Adding Sound to TMCC S Gauge Locos. 

A list of TMCC Compatible Boards For S gauge

TMCC Track Cleaning Caboose

Cruise Control in AF TMCC  
Electric RR's New Cruise Commander

AF TMCC Conversion Service  
GOLDINHANDS Model Train Repairs


TMCC Legacy (TMCC-2) and TMCC
 How do their features compare? Coil Couplers explains.

Changing Pitch on ERR's Sound Commander 
Simulate different loco sizes

R2LC Receiver Component Functions 

TMCC Control of American Flyer Turnouts
 Wiring a Lionel SC-2 By Ed Goldin 

A Speaker Baffle for the Jameco 1.5" speaker

Increases the richness and volume

Railsounds 4 Conversions
Using ERR's RS-Commander

ERR's new Mini Commander II
Installed in a PHM Budd RDC  

TMCC Direct Lockon for circuit protection
Using with AF Transformer

The AF Big Boy  
A review and more

Replacing the Mikado Smoke Unit

Key Chain Camera Car
with TMCC Controlled Pan Function.

Al Castellani's Article on Repairing  the SHS smoke unit

A look inside the New AF/Lionel U33c

A Kitbash of a Pennsy MP-54 Interurban with TMCC

Testing Lionel's TMCC AC Smoke Regulator 
A simple fixture make it easy.

Review of the Challenger 

An inside view if the AF SD-70 

Old versions of the PCB123 program for the .XPC files.

Updating Lionel's AF Mikado and Pacific with Cruise 
And adding 4 chuff Puffing smoke

A look inside of the Polar Express Berkshire

The AF Berkshire TMCC Conversion

Updating Lionel's AF Mikado and Pacific with Cruise VERSION2

Robert Buckner's Custom AF 0-8-0 and Northern

Review and modifications to the New Legacy Berkshire


American Flyer(R), Trainmaster(R) ,Railsounds(R)and TMCC(R) are the registered trademarks of Lionel,LLC
Links to Carl's S Gauge TMCC Conversions
If you want to play on your own with TMCC here are some conversions I have done using the original LCRU receiver. These conversions could be done using AC or DC motors.
The Lionel LCRU receiver is no longer available. 

American Models FP-7
     American Flyer Hudson
     Lionel/American Flyer Geep 
     American Flyer 0-8-0 With Operating ElectroCouplers
     Converting Lionel ElectoCouplers for AF Use
     Tandem Hudsons with TMCC
     New AF-Lionel Baldwin
     American Models  RS3, FM Trainmaster & Baldwin
     AF EP-5 Early conversion 
     AF EP-5 as Penn Central E40
     S Helper Service SW-1 and SW-9 
     S Helper Service F3A,B with TMCC and Sound
     AF/Lionel Docksider with TMCC and Sound 
     American Models GG-1 TMCC and Sound  
     American Models Northern TMCC and Sound 
     S Helper Service 2-8-0 TMCC and sound (First Attempt)
     S Helper service 2-8-0 TMCC New Interface Design 
     S Helper Service F7 with TMCC and Sound
     American Flyer/Lionel Northern with TMCC and Sound
     Pennsy AF/Lionel Baldwin with TMCC Cruise and sound. 
     American Flyer-Lionel SD-9 TMCC Cruise and Sound  
     American Models Pacific TMCC Cruise and Sound
     Converted to S Atlas O Gauge Atlantic 
     American Models GP-35 TMCC/Railsounds Conversion 
     American Models RS-3 TMCC/Railsounds Conversion 
     Custom AF 0-8-0 Modifiaction with TMCC conversion
More to come......
Distributors of TMCC Receivers
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TMCC links of interest
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My Current Roster of TMCC Engines
   2 AM FP-7s
   AF 0-8-0 with CoilCouplers*
   AF Northern*
   2 AF Hudsons
   AF GP-7
   AF K5 Pacific*
   AF/Lionel Baldwin
   AF/Lionel PA1
   2 American Models RS3s
   2 American Models FM Trainmasters*
   AF/Lionel EP-5
   4 AF/Lionel Mikados
   2 SHS F3s*
   SHS SW-1
   SHS SW-9
   AF/Lionel Docksider*
  * Command Sounds Added Also