Diagrams of TMCC hookups using AF transformers
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This diagram is for the Command Base Receiver hookup.
The power pack for the command base must be plugged into a grounded outlet. The ground is an important part of the signal distribution.

Set the transformer's variable output to14-15 volts
Be sure to have the Command Base powered before applying the transformers voltage to the track or loco will not sense the TMCC signal and will operate in the conventional mode.
This simple hookup will work for most smaller two rail  layouts. If you are experiencing a poor signal you may need to look here  
Only one Command base is needed per layout and can control up 99 engines
If you want to control conventional Locos with the TMCC Cab-1 Remote control you can use the Power Master a remote control throttle.

 Using a Power Master also allows you to control the bell and whistle/horn of a conventional loco with the Cab-1 remote.
You can use several Power Masters on a layout using different blocks for each like a conventional transformer. All can be powered by the same transformer if the wattage is adequate.

Each Power Master is controlled from the Cab-1 using the TR (Train) command button.
Several Power Masters and a Command Base can both be used on the same layout
Note!.The AC output of the Powermaster is NOT a pure AC sine wave. It is a switched AC wave and therefore will cause a buzz in the old type AC Gilbert Horn/Whistle speakers.