American Models Pacific
TMCC Conversion with ERR Cruise Commander
and Sound Commander

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I picked this loco up on E-bay. It's previous owner did a custom paint job that was not to my liking to we stripped it and repainted her. I still have to do the final decorations and decaling.

I used the ERR Cruise Commander for this conversion due to it's superior slow speed control.

You can see on the smoke unit the headlight protection diode and 270ohm dropping resistor for the Golden White LED headlight I used.
I made a tray for the Sound Commander to sit on so the tether and truck wiring could pass underneath.

I also made a baffle plate for the speaker to mount on sealing speaker to the tender chassis to improve the sound performance.
I cut a set of holes for the Program Run swirtch to mount in the tender chassis.
The chuff  reed switch is glued to a small piece of  plastic and that is glued to the truck.  The magnet is glued to the wheelset insulator.
Here it is running in on the bench. It sure cranks out the smoke with TMCC's fixed voltage.
It is a great running Loco. Glad to have added to the fleet.


For more information on wiring and tether see the pages on the AM Northern Conversion

 Now Decaled for NYC.