American Models Northern TMCC Conversion
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Northern in reverse

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Usually it is a challenge to cram all of the parts in but there was no shortage of room in the tender for the electronics in this tender. 
The speaker I used is the same one used in many Lionel tenders and is rated at 2 watts. With the large size of the tender as a resonator is it truly awesome sounding.

The board on top of the speaker has the headlight diodes and resistors.

The Sound Commander provides synchronized 4 cuff cadence, Bell, Whistle, Air release, Brake pumps and coupler clanks  

Due to the enormous size of the Northern and it's possible extra current needs I decided to use the AC/DC Commander board from the Electric RR Co.  

It is offered in a special combo version with both boards. 

Other manufacturers boards would also fit.
The antenna is very simple. It is a small piece of blackened printed circuit board cut to size to fit between the details under the tender. The program/run switch is mounted in the tender floor.
The chuff trigger switch and magnet are mounted on the rear truck.  They are CA glued in place. I opted to mount the sensor in the tender for the sake of simplicity. The tender wheel ratio was so close to the smoke chuffer's that it did not make sense to mount it in the Loco although it could be done.
I left the original wiring as intact as I could. You can see the added motor bypass capacitor.
I replaced the original four pin connector with a six pin Molex type female connector and a double row dip header as the male connector.
Yes that is a working headlight in the tender.
This is a close up of the added golden white LED. Not too hard to add and it really should have been included in the production version in my opinion.

Here are some details of the
 Tender Headlight.      

Here you can see the six pin header plug.

The parts for the connectors are from Mouser Electronics.

6 pin connector shell part

Connector pin inserts part number:

Double row header part number
Here is the wiring diagram.

 I used golden white LED headlights but the original bulb will work too.