Archive of Train Cam Pictures
These Pictures taken on maiden run of Train Cam.
Train Cam is a X10 2.5ghz wireless camera track
powered mounted on a flat car being pushed by an
American Models FP-7 (Trainmaster Controlled).
I can run the train while upstairs at the computer. 

12/27/01 7:37:35 PM, P16
West Yard heading west. 
12/27/01 7:38:06 PM, P16
Rounding curve into main yards.
12/27/01 7:38:38 PM, P16
Heading up Mountain pass
12/27/01 7:39:09 PM, P16
Entering Truss bridge heading East
12/27/01 7:39:41 PM, P16
Exiting West yards
12/27/01 7:40:12 PM, P16
Entering Main yards passing westbound freight 
12/27/01 7:40:43 PM, P16
Rounding East  end of Layout
12/27/01 7:41:15 PM, P16
Heading down to tunnel entrance
12/27/01 7:41:46 PM, P16
Exiting tunnel climbing back to main line
12/27/01 7:42:17 PM, P16
Returning to Main line headed East.
12/27/01 7:42:49 PM, P16
Main yard headed East passing waiting frieght.
12/27/01 7:43:20 PM, P16
Leaving Main yard approaching East end of layout
12/27/01 7:43:51 PM, P16
Entering Main yard headed West
12/27/01 7:44:54 PM, P16
Under Small truss bridge headed up to mountain pass
12/27/01 7:45:25 PM, P16
Climbing approach to mountain pass 
12/27/01 7:45:57 PM, P16
Just exited small truss bridge rounding mountain
12/27/01 7:46:28 PM, P16
Headed down from mountain pass
12/27/01 8:02:21 PM, P16
Approaching main yard. Engine yard is on right