The new American Flyer Big Boy
A brief review

                                                             It certainly looks very realistic on the layout
Notice how small the man is next to the Big Boy in photo above and in the ones below the man is about the same proportions.  

                                                         See inside the Big Boy HERE!
                                              QC and Operation Issues of the Big Boy HERE!
                                              Big Boy Truck Modifications HERE! 
Big Boy Disassembly  HERE! 
Loose Tender Coupler Repair   HERE! 
Big Boy Brothers 
                                                         Motor Coupling Fix 
                                                         New! Chuff switch adjustment 
                                                         New! Tender rear truck adjustment

                                                    Click on images below for larger views.

Looks like a UP house. I did not realize how many UPs were in this photo.


The tender marker lights could be toned down a bit to look more realistic. Could easily add a dropping resistor to dim
them some.

New valve gear was added by Lionel to the original K-Line version.

Notice how the Big Boy dwarfs the Consolidation
In real life there was a similar size difference.


Thanks to the center pivoting articulation it made the mountain route through the tunnels and bridges!

The trailing truck is a bit bazaar looking and I may redo or replace it someday with a more scale like one.

The tender casting is a bit Boxy and does not reflect the true profile of the prototype at the bottom edge of the tank.

Not shown in these photos it is a copious chuffing smoker.   I could not run the smoke above the medium setting or it would smoke me out of the house.

All in all it is an Awesome Engine and I am thrilled with it.
          For a video of it running click here

AF Big Boy Stats vs. Prototype.

Over all length 24.5" prototype scale is 24.75"

Loco length 16.25"
Loco widest at cylinders 2-3/8"
Loco width at running boards 2"
Loco Height rail head to smoke stack 3-9/16"
(Scale is 3.3" =17.6' or .265" =1.75' taller than prototype)

Tender height 3"
Tender width 2-1/8"
Tender length 8