Cruise Commander Testing
New Product line from The Electric RR co. 
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Testing the New Cruise Commander product from Electric Railroad Co. This is a revolutionary new TMCC compatible conversion board with onboard cruise control that does not have to use an external speed sensor for motor velocity feedback. 

It will be offered in no less than 3 versions, one of which I had the chance to beta test.

My testing was done in a dual motor Lionel/AF PA-1 with stock motors pulling a PB-1 and 7 AF passenger cars.  The additional PA-1 Dummy normally in the consist was deleted from the test due to traction problems on the steep grades. (Since the shell was removed from the A unit for testing it was running lighter than usual).

Tests used grades up to 4%. The results were no observable variance in speed, up, down, or on flat grades at various speeds settings from creeping to highballing.  The throttle was very responsive to changes and I found no problems what so ever. The cruise even seemed to compensate for variances in track resistances. 

These tests used some pretty steep grades.

 The temperature of the heatsink was slightly warm.

The installation in the PA-1 was really easy. The only problem is the P/R switch location will have to have new holes as the board covers the original holes in this loco.
There will be additional smaller system packaging in the future.
The long consist climbs the grade effortlessly
This is a curved  grade around the mountain.
Down the steep grade exiting the mountains the speed was rock steady. No jerkiness noticed in the descents.
I especially noticed that the low speed switching duties will have much better control of the movements in the yard. 

In conclusion I was really blown away by it's performance and ease of installation

I still am amazed watching it on my layout traverse the mountains hands off.

For more information contact The Electric RR Co.

Here is a preliminary link to the product page on the ERR site. 

 More details to be announced soon.


I have now installed cruise in the AM Northern which had the ERR AC/DC Commander and also the new AF Northern. Both are fantastic with TMCC cruise