S Gauge Pennsy MP-54 Kitbash

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I have been saving a AF heavyweight shell for years with the intention of making an interurban of some type someday. Well I finally got a round to it.
The Pennsylvania MP-54 was one on the list of possible prototypes. It was the closest to the AF shell in dimensions except for the window placements and I am a big pennsy fan so a MP-54 it was to be..

The frame was made from 1/16" aluminum

The drive train is from a SHS SW loco. The trucks are close to the profile of the MP-54

. I used the steps from the SW loco also

The truck bolsters are made from the 1/16" aluminum also

The drive shaft extensions are made out of brass tubing. 
The motor fits a hole in the frame and is held in place with a strip of aluminum. 
Here are the tunnel pieces to hold the electronics and the under frame detail part from a Lionel AF Heavyweight passenger car. The under frame has a recess milled into it for the motor clearance.

The ERR Mini Commander fits on top of one of the tunnels
A ERR Sound commander with GG-1 sound set is mounted on the other tunnel.

The headlight boxes were carved from ABS plastic

The pantograph was on found on E-bay. It is S-gauge and is brass made in Japan.

An AF EP-5 pantograph could have been used but I thought it was a bit large.

The round windows are marine portholes from Billings Boats.

The insulators are glass beads.

Here are the stock SHS steps

This is the modified step profile to better match the original MP-54 steps.

Grab irons and chains added. Also notice the added lens in the headlight and working marker lights.

Here all wired with the TMCC gear installed.

The speaker and baffle was a cozy fit

You can see how the steps mount to the frame with two screws.
So this then is a stand off scale version of a car that was in service for over 40 years on the Pennsy.  Meant to be a representation  rather than an exact scale model it has had some artistic license taken but looks decent on on the layout