NYC Flyer Chief Northern
Conversion to TMCC

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Here is the Flyer Chief Northern before the TMCC conversion


This is the finished TMCC conversion.
I used the original stock motor.

The Cruise Lite board is a perfect fit on the chassis. Foam tape is used to secure it.
The smoke unit puffer board mounts behind the smoke unit.  The smoke unit element is changed to a Lionel 27 ohm.

Insulated washers and 4-40 nylon screws are used to mount the shell to the body to insulate it to aid in the reception of the TMCC signal.
The mounting holes in the shell need to be re-tapped for the 4-40 screws.


The Railsound Lite board is mounted on a piece of brass stock screwed to the tender frame and positioned so the volume control is accessible.


I turned a groove in the  chuff magnet wheelset to add a traction tire to improve the chuff ratio a bit and also help keep the chuff wheel from slipping.

Also note the added power pickup assy. It was installed on both trucks.
I added an antenna below the drivers for best reception. Note I drilled a hole for the antenna through the frame.
Wiring Diagram