AF/Lionel Baldwin TMCC Conversion 
Cruise Control makes this Loco Perform

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Using the Electric RailRoad's Cruise Commander and Sound Commander in the latest AF/Lionel Baldwin makes this loco a much better performer especially in Yard service. 
The Cruise Commander's heatsink is modified. It is trimmed down and drilled to mount to the triacs 180 degrees from the original orientation to save space.
A spacer is made to mount the heatsink to the chassis using the original  Baldwin chassis mounting holes
 The sound board is mounted with double sided foam tape to a custom  bracket. 
The Sound Board bracket is mounted using the lock out switch as the fastener. The Reverse unit Lockout switch become the TMCC program/run switch.  

A notch cut was in the heatsink  for access to the Cruise Commander's terminals

The Speaker is mounted in the front of the body at an angle to create a natural baffle.

The LED lights use a dip header as a connector that mates to a mini Molex connector pigtailed to the Cruise Commander's terminals..

Golden/White LEDs are substituted for the headlights and are constant brilliance.
While not a "scale model" is a nice looking unit that will serve nicely in the yards shuffling cars and with cruise it really has excellent slow speed performance.