Budd RDC TMCC Conversion
ERR's New Mini Commander II

The Mini Commander II is a new TMCC upgrade board from the Electric RailRoad Co. a division of Lionel LLC. This next generation board has fullwave motor output MosFets which are more efficient than the old Mini's halfwave triacs and run cool so no heatsink is required.  The Mini Commander II is a hybrid receiver and driver board on one very compact unit.
This install is in a Pennsylvania Heritage Model's "S" gauge Budd RDC (Rail Diesel Car). 

An ERR Sound Commander was also part of the conversion. I used one of my own design speakers and it really sounds good. I run the volume setting on the lowest notch. 
You can see the wiring is neat and compact with the included mini Molex connectors.

Also the program/run switch is included. 

The very small footprint of these boards means many possibilities for S Gauge conversions if a DC Can motor is used.
The RDC has a bi-directional headlight and rear marker lights and interior lighting. I used a tether and connector to connect the shell to the chassis. 
This is my wiring diagram showing the directional lighting and diode coupled interior lighting. By using the diode coupling the interior lights are on as long as either forward of reverse headlights are on.


The RDC is moving out and sounding good!
You can see the  bi-directional rear marker lights as the RDC passes by.
The new Mini Commander II  from the
 Electric RR. Co.

The Electric Railroad Company
2326 Walsh Avenue
Santa Clara, CA.  95051   USA

This is the Mini Commander II wiring diagram showing all features and options.

The Mini Commander II will come in several modes of options such as smoke, electro-coupler and lighting.