AF-Lionel SD-9 TMCC and Sound
With Cruise Control and High Intensity Headlights

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This is the American Flyer by Lionel SD-9 my latest addition to the TMCC roster.
You can see the high intensity Golden white LED headlights really have some punch compared to the wimpy original incandescent bulb.
This is what the stock electronics look like before being gutted.
I used the Electric RailRoad's Cruise Commander for this conversion. To get the width down to fit in the shell requires a bit of modification to the heatsink and changing a capacitor and relocating it to lay on the bridge rectifier.  Also the header pins on the cruise commander for the R2LC receiver need to be shortened by 3/16". This allows the R2LC receiver to lay down closer to the Cruise commander board
You can see the replacement blue capacitor laying on the bridge Rectifier. (below)
The new heatsink allows the Cruise Commander board to be mounted 90 degrees from the normal mounting of the stock heatsink.

Also I made a mounting bracket for the Sound Commander that used the reverse unit switch to mount to the chassis. The reverse unit switch is re-purposed as the program/run switch.

This are the Lighting boards that hold two Golden White LEDs for the headlights and two GOW bulbs for the marker lights. The marker lights are wired to the Cab light function. Loco is programmed type 6.
The LED's diode and 270 ohm resistor are also on the board.
The Lighting boards are held in place by a couple of drops of CA glue. I used a header connector to terminate the Lighting wiring. It just fits into the screw terminals of the Cruise Commander.
The speaker was a bit of a challenge. I found these speakers in some discarded flat panel PC monitors we threw out. They are 8ohm 2 watt rated.  It took some reshaping of the speaker to fit in the shell. I added cutouts for the wiring pass to through.
The performance is much improved from the stock SD-9 both in low end speed and torque and lighting appearance.