The AF SD-70
 An inside view

A Great looking  loco!

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Here is the SD70 with the shell removed.

The arrows point to the shell removal screws.
Two screws are under the rear of the front truck 

The BEMC driver-board uses Back EMF cruise control for the motor. The Microprocessor drives all of the LED headlight, marker light and number board lighting directly with no output triacs.

It also provides the smoke motor and smoke element voltages

The sound board is the new Rails Sounds Lite board. The SD70 has a new fan driven smoke unit.

The trucks have all wheels powered. The motor gearing provides very good low speed performance

The cover removed you can see a new design for the spur/worm gear set that allows easy replacement.
This excellent truck has a design flaw though in my opinion. For more on this and a cure see this page