American Models GG-1 TMCC Conversion
Using the Electric RR Beep Commander
and Sound Commander

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The American Models GG-1 is one of my favorite Locos. I wanted to convert it to TMCC for some time but did not want to loose it's unique original sounds. With the introduction of the Electric RR's new GG-1 Sound Commander board  now  I could do it. 

At the left is the original unit and it's electronics.
The installation was one of the easier conversions to do as there is adequate room to work with.  The control electronics are  at one end and the sound board at the other. 
The Beep Commander and Lionel R2LC receiver are mounted vertically and there is zero clearance between the shell so it took a bit of tinkering to come up with a simple way to mount and not add to the height.  

The Program/Run switch is mounted in the chassis.

The Red wire is used as the Antenna.

I took advantage of the extra threaded posts on the power trucks to electrically bond the power trucks to the chassis by adding a couple of nuts and flex wire.

The motor has a filter capacitor added across it's connections. 

Here is the rear power truck with the added nuts on the extra post that I used to make the common connections to the chassis. 
I made a simple bracket from .032" aluminum that uses the triac mounting holes to support the board. It also serves as a heatsink for extra cooling. No insulators are needed.
The Sound Commander is mounted on top of the original speaker with double sided foam tape. The wiring to the Beep Commander board has to be extended in length from the wiring provided. 

The volume of sounds are more than adequate. I run them at the low end of the setting.

The wiring is not hard to do with the screw terminals and provided connectors.

The Beep Commander I used is a first generation version. The one being sold now is version 2 and is has fullwave output but should work as well.

For more information see:
The Electric RR Co.


The Electric Railroad Company
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Santa Clara, Ca.  95051    USA

I have a few of the early version Beep Commander boards available. Contact me if you need one at