A Look Inside The New AF/Lionel U33c

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The U33 uses a RCDR2 receiver with Legacy firmware. It provides the serial data for the driver-board and also has the front and rear coupler triacs on it.

The speaker has a built in baffle.
The new driver-board uses Back EMF cruise control for the motor. The Microprocessor drives all of the LED headlight, marker light and number board lighting directly with no output triacs. 

It also provides the smoke motor and smoke element voltages.
The smoke unit is a bit unusual with the fan motor mounted sideways. The squirrel cage fan is coupled to the smoke chamber with a short silicone tube. 

Don't overfill it. I use a syringe putting 1ml in per fill. 

I seems to work best with the track voltage at 18 volts.


The smoke unit's boards is removed here to show the packing and element.

The board has the squirrel cage fan mounted to it.

 The element is 16 ohms.

Here are the Sound boards. It uses a ERR style powerboard with a Legacy Railsounds board
The shell is easily removed by removing 8 screws.
The antenna and lighting wires all used connectors.
Here is a u33 getting some break in time on the treadmill.
The power truck has the gearing exposed. Be sure to lubricate frequently and clean as needed.

The Motor is in the fuel tank and uses universal joint drive. 
Makes an impressive lashup.