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New turntable shack Kit-bashed from a Plasticville switch tower.

                 Big Boy on the turntable

 Lighting has been added to the roundhouse

Looking into the roundhouse from the turntable pit.

Working the late shift at the roundhouse

New to the layout is an Atlas/Plasticville station painted and detailed

Turntable has it's railings and power bridge now.

Retaining wall under construction.

Wall is made from foam board with basswood caps.  Painting is next.

Retaining Wall Painted and weathered

Tunnel Portal and the Retaining wall weathered.

Entrance to the Descending track and start of Wall

A curved loading platform has been added to the station

The platform is made from layers of foam core board.

The lampposts are HO imported from china. I have added an inch to the height on their base to make them S gauge.

I am adding the grade crossings. I still have to add the grade approaches and pavement.

I am using timbers for the graded crossing pavement.

The flashers are from Lemax. Very close to S gauge I have repainted and added bigger sunshades. They are also using phone modular connectors for mounting to the layout. 

This is the sensor and flasher board. Power and IR sensors are on the left connector. Out to the flasher LEDs are on the right connector. These use the circuit on the hints and tips with the Lemax flasher board added to it.


Getting the pavement down over the SculptaMold road base.

I am sanding the pavement high spots down with drywall sandpaper.  

West Crossing. Pavement Finished. Ground cover next

East Crossing. Pavement Finished. Ground cover next

Road connecting East and North Crossings

North Crossing. Pavement Finished. Ground cover next

The new Lionel Legacy TMCC system.
Neat OH!

Cab-2 and the original Cab-1 remote controls

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