Wiring for All Modes of Power Control

Steve Blackburn of S&S uses TMCC, DCC, SHS Locomatic, DC and Conventional AC
All on one layout. Here is a drawing based on his sketch of how he does it using switches to select which power source feeds the track buss. Basically there are three operating modes.

1.AC, TMCC or conventional with Locomatic.
2 DC conventional.
3.DCC command.

Steve uses American Model's track and turnouts and Atlas controls with  RIX switch machines powered by an additional transformer. There is a Master Kill switch for all power. His AC Variable transformer is a Lionel 275 Watt ZW.  The DC supply is a MRC 6200 power supply. The DCC is a Digitrax DB150 using a 100 watt supply.

                           For more information contact Steve at boss31@aol.com