AF 0-8-0 with Beep Commander and Sound Commander
Electric RR Co.'s TMCC compatible conversion.

The 0-8-0 shuffling cars in the yard with all the Bells and Whistles. 

The Electric RR's Commander  boards makes TMCC and sound conversion easy and economical. I used their Beep Commander mother driver board in the switcher to take advantage of it's 100 speed steps.  

The boards fit with no modification and terminals and plug in connectors make wiring easy. This loco also uses the Lionel electrocoupler conversions. 

I used a 1.5" speaker held in place with double sided tape.  The coal bin makes an excellent baffle for the speaker and the sound passes through around the gaps between the frame and shell. One can drill additional holes in the tender frame floor for a bit more sound. I used a grain of wheat bulb for the reverse headlight.

A Chuff Trigger switch is added to one of the tender trucks.
The Sound Commander board's sounds are quite good  with whistle, bell, steam pumps, blow down, coupler clank and a 4 cadence steam chuff.

The whistle and bell volume are controlled by Aux1+1 and 4. The chuff and background sounds are controlled with Aux1+3 and 6.
Aux1+2 is air blowdown
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The Electric RR Co.

The Electric Railroad Company
939 Wood Duck Ave.
Santa Clara, Ca.  95051    USA

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