A Custom Conversion of AC Gilbert's 0-8-0 and an A.C. Gilbert Northern
by Robert Buckner
With TMCC and sound added
by Carl Tuveson

This is conversion of an American Flyer 0-8-0 to Lionel Trainmanster Command
         Control with extensive custom features added to the Loco and Tender
This is the cusomized chassis with the Fan driven smoke unit and can motor and chuff switch modification.
The chuff swich is driven by a 3D printed 5 lobe cam on the old smoke pistorn's drive gear.
The Northen Cam is a 4 lobe cam. 
This is a custom made bracket to mount the MTH fan driven smoke unit.
Here is the extensive modifications to the firebox area with added piping and a custom cab floor. 
The loco's pilot has prototypical steps added.
The Loco and Tender headlights are LEDs. The loco headlight is moved to the center of the boiler front.
The tender has added rear steps and  water tank's fill hatches and ladders.
Here it is running on the test stand. It all works!

The electronics, ERR Cruise Lite and ERR railsounds Lite and Speaker are all in the tender.

The puffer board is located in the loco boiler.
The valve gear and hanger is copied from the protytype.
The tender tether 6 pin Molex connector is located on the tender floor in a cutout in the shell.
The loco tether uses header pins for the connector.

Also note the modificarions to the cab floor and tender coupling.