AF Steam Loco Geared DC Motor Conversion

This is a geared DC motor conversion that I have done on several of my AF locos using various motors and gear ratios using stock Lionel motors and gears. The worm gear is a recycled AF armature shaft turned down to accept the drive gear and shortened to fit into the rear plate using either a bronze bushing or a flanged ball bearing from an RC car. one of my conversions was done to a 342 0-8-0 that will pull stumps now. 1.5 pound drawbar pull. 25 AF cars up a 4% grade... (it has 4 traction tires) This reduces the current draw to less than an amp. Speed is very scale.
  NEW! I am offering this conversion as a Compete kit now with new worm gear.
                           Click here to see specs. and ordering details.

View of Motor Conversion mounted on a Pacific chassis.  This conversion will work on many types of locos.
  I use either a Lionel electronic E-units or Liontech's TMCC with these. If you want to use the original Gilbert reverse unit with a bridge rectifier this is a Wiring Diagram for a Gilbert Reverse unit. 
   If you want to use a solid state reverse unit here are Instructions for Using an Economical Electronic E-unit 
The Motor used with drawings is a Lionel Part #600-8008-105
Using a worm gear salvaged form an original AF armature, cut to length and turned down end to fit into bearing that you are using. I used a flanged 5/16" x1/8" ball bearing for RC cars (DuraTrax TL3440)available from most hobby shops or Tower Hobbies. Drill out the Lionel gear (Part#600-8010-117) and press on shaft. Add the shortened fiber spacer and salvaged thrust washer and you have it done.
The plate is 1/8" aluminum stock. Use an old AF field winding core as a template to drill the mounting holes.

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