AF-Lionel Docksider
A look inside

Body Removed from chassis.
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The Smoke unit has had a lot of engineering done to it but it still comes up short primarily due to it's tiny size and poor heater regulation. There was enough room in there to design a larger unit that would both chuff so you could hear it and put out  volumes of smoke. The unit's piston has two "O" rings for a seal and it does puff as well as it can given it's small size however the orifice is so small that it's chuff volume at best is a squeak.
The smoke element is a 16 ohm resistor.  I measured a maximum of 4 volts at the element with 18 track volts. Normal running voltage of 8-10 volts only shows a couple of volts at the element.

 There is a microprocessor controlled  regulator board for the smoke unit to keep it hot at all track voltages but it does not seem to be doing the job very well.

The Smoke unit It can be easily overfilled and that will stop the smoking. If you take the smoke unit apart be careful not to cover the inlet air hole in the smoke chamber with the wicking when re-assembling. I may try replacing the smoke element with a higher resistance type used in the AF smoke units, modified to fit, as they are better at wicking the fluid and can use full track voltage.
There is a smoke pipe with an "O" ring that runs up the smokestack so the
smoke fluid does get to the unit when filling

The blue/white LEDs have to go on mine to be replaced with golden/white
ones once I figure how to remove them.

I intend to convert to TMCC and Sound ASAP.
The chassis is very nicely done and the pickups are a great improvement. The stall current is only .7 amps. 

It does run very smooth although geared a bit fast.

The smoke piston gear is driven by the middle driver. The Fly-wheeled Motor is geared to the rear driver. 

The Reverse unit is designed especially for the Docksider. The Smoke board is rubber banded to the motor to keep in place.

The headlight wiring plugs into the reverse unit. 
Coupler springs are as stiff as a board. Needs to be replaced with an AF Geep/Alco
truck spring, part number 640-8153-075.

 Easy fix

The original stiff one is shown on the left and the replacement is installed.