Electromagnetic Couplers for American Flyer
I've always wanted to have a "yard goat" for the switching duties with remote control electromagnetic couplers. I often thought that the Lionel couplers were so close to the AF profile that they could be made to work, so being the tinkerer that I am, I have come up with a conversion.   The coupler is slightly larger than the AF stock one but one has to look twice to notice the difference.  This project will end up on my 342 that uses TMCC to activate the couplers. 

The coupler is Lionel part# 610-8855-550 $6.60 each.  A pair is also available  in a Lionel GP_9 upgrade kit part #6-22961 which also includes a TMCC LCRX receiver board that can be found at various surplus dealers for about $10. If you can't find the kit #610-8855-550 should work or others may too.

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This is the  Lionel Electromagnetic coupler  modified to work with American Flyer and American Models couplers. Mounted on this AF truck it is only 3/16" longer than a stock AF coupler. 



Here is the bottom view. There is clearance for power pickup springs
The shank is cut and drilled as shown in the drawing.
To work with AF style couplers there is some material that needs to be removed for compatibility. Disassembly  of the knuckle from the body is required to file the castings. Carefully un-crimp the peening of the rivet and remove with a small punch. Don't lose the springs!
This drawing shows how the coupler is mounted to a modified AF truck shank  with a flathead 4-40 x 1/4 in screw.

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