Most of the Lionel-American Flyer Geep and EP-5 series engines have what I consider a defect in the assembly of the power truck .  The wheel-axle assemblies of the power truck are switched front to rear.  The traction tire wheel should be next to the truck side-frame power pickup.  Not all of the trucks were assembled with this defect, but most were. The only one I have that was correctly built from the factory was the 370 GM demonstrator re-issue.  By switching the axles from front  to rear in the power truck frame it will spread the trucks ability to pickup power over switch frogs and crossovers and greatly improve performance.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

This picture shows the correctly built truck on the left and the defective assembly on the right
The traction tires are removed in all of these pictures for clarity

The above picture shows the side frames with pickup shoes. The corrected assembly is on the right. Notice the increased span of the power pickup. 

Side view of frames with the correctly built assembly on the bottom

Steps to correct power truck.

First press off the insulated traction wheels

Step 2, press out the remaining un-insulated wheel/axle assembly

Step 3, switch (exchange) the un-insulated wheel/axle assemblies. The left with the right in the picture.

This shows that sometimes the bearing bushings also come out with the assembly
Step 4, re-assemble and press the axle assemblies and gears into the truck
and then press the insulated wheels back on.

This shows a simple tool made from 1/8 in. aluminum stock used
to center the gear back on the axle.

Step 5, center the gear on the axle with the tool

Step 5, check the gauge and re-assemble engine!

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