Hudson Pilot Coupler Conversion

Double heading engines is possible with this conversion to the Pilot casting of an American Flyer Hudson. The finished project makes a respectable looking Cow Catcher.  Obviously not scale it still has a nice finished look to it and works very well pulling and pushing even through "S" curves.
                                  Pictures of my Tandem Hudsons at work

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Here is a picture of the  new parts.  The American Models Coupler shank is bent to drop it to the correct height.  It is bent by covering the coupler head with aluminum foil as a heat shield and using a small heat gun to soften the shank just where it joins to the head and bend as shown.

The 1/8" Aluminum Plate size is not critical. It is tapped for the 4-40 coupler screw and counter sunk for the 6-32 flat head replacement screw that is used to hold the pilot to the steam chest. 

The Coupler shank has a small hole drilled in it for the centering spring. the spring is made from .02" music wire and formed as shown. Drill the coupler hole to match the dimension of the spring you make.  
The Cow catcher has a slot cut to clear an un-coupler if you need it.
This shows the slot cut into the pilot casting for the coupler shank.
Drill a hole for the centering spring wire.
This shows the placement of the spring before the coupler has been installed.
Finished assembly.
Another view of the assembly
Painted and ready to go.  This engine is one I am building from the junkyard and still needs the running gear installed.
This is a side shot showing why you need to drop the coupler height by bending the coupler shank. It still is a wee bit high but usable.
Double header ready to go.