Conversion of American Flyer Steam Loco
 to Lionel TrainMaster LCRU

Using the Lionel Trainmaster allows a collector operator to enjoy the advantages of new technology and still keep compatibility with the older legacy systems. A TMCC converted engine can still run on a conventional non TMCC layout as it would before the conversion. This is not possible with a DCC system

Below are links to two drawings. One shows using TMCC with a stock AC motor and the other with a DC can motor conversion

Modification for DC Motor operation

The Lionel LCRU (LiontechControlReceiverUnit) was designed to use AC motors, but by adding a rectifier as shown in the DC version drawing, you can use it to power DC can motors and have full functionality.

Explanation of  the Modification for Two Rail operation

Note that in both drawings there is a 100 micro Henry choke in the return power lead. This choke is necessary when using  two rail track  to ensure that the signal is not degraded when the engine is turned around on the track .(Lionel track uses the signal on both outside rails) With a two rail system when you turn an engine on the track it effectively shorts out the RF signal to the LCRU in the engine. This is why you put the RF choke in the common lead. The RF choke looks like an open circuit to the RF and it is not shorted out. Leaving it out, the engine will run fine one direction but lousy if turned around. The  diagrams are for a typical American flyer tender. The Headlight and Smoke unit are wired for independent control. The smoke unit is on at a full 14 volts whenever engine is in  motion making for a great smoke output. Smoke is off when engine is stopped and the headlight stays on.. 

When using the AC version you will need to add a additional two contact connector for the smoke and headlight wiring

                     Wiring Diagram for LCRU in an  AF tender Using a DC Motor

                     Wiring Diagram for LCRU in an  AF tender Using a AC Motor

Parts List:
Lionel LCRU Part #610-8042-126 available from Digital Dynamics
Rectifier Radio Shack Part #276-1661
RF Choke Radio Shack Part #273-102
1uf NonPolarized Cap. Radio Shack Part#272-996


Side view of a American Flyer Hudson Tender.  The RF choke is shown in this Picture 

Click for a larger view.
The Rectifier diode is shown in the picture in to the Right

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Since this is a metal tender I have mounted the antenna under the chassis. The Antenna is made from Fiber Glass vector board with a 24 gauge wire loop woven around into it. The board is fastened to the tender chassis using a screw as a standoff.  I will Paint it black to help Hide it. This configuration has proved to be  very reliable.
The Picture on the right shows the routing of the antenna lead from the LCRU through the chassis to the Antenna

                             Click for a larger view.
This is the Program/Run switch.