AF Drawings/Parts Lists 
Oil Drum Loader
Saw Mill
GP-7-9-20 4-8XXX
Box Car 4-83XX
Refrigerator/Box Car
Flat Cars
Square Window Caboose
Triple Dome Tank
Alco PA 8251 4-8100 Erie
Alco PA 8100 4-8251 Wabash
Milwaukee EP-5 4-8010
NH EP-5 4-8008
PA-1 Diesel Locomotive - Northern Pacific 6-48114
PA-1 Diesel Locomotive - Western Pacific 6-48120
PA-1 Dummy - Northern Pacific 6-48115
PA-1 Dummy - Western Pacific 6-48121
PB-1 Dummy Northern Pacific 6-48117
PB-1 Dummy with Railsound 6-48122
GP-20 - Burlington Northern 6-48XXX
GP-20 - Christmas 6-48XXX
Gabe the lamplighter
AF Drawings/Parts Lists not yet posted at
Alco B unit with Railsounds   6-48135,136
Baldwin Diesel
Hand Car   6-49815
Mikado Steam Loco    6-48036,37
Mikado Tender
Mikado Loco Wiring Diagram
Mikado Tender Wiring Diagram
AF Drawings/Parts Lists out of print
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PA-1 Diesel S.P 8150 & B&O 8153 Early
Motor Assy 8153 Early
PA-1 Dummy S.P 8152 &  B&O 8155
PB-1 Dummy B&O 8154
Dummy Truck Assy PA-1,PB-2
Caboose Truck Illuminated Early Version
Passenger Trucks
Passenger Cars Coach & Dome Car
Passenger Cars Combo & Observation
Bay Window Caboose & Gondola
Box Car & Coupler Truck Early
Single Dome Tank Car & Early Hopper w Coal load