Speeding up the MTH Coal loader.

The stock MTH coal loader is painfully slow moving the bucket up and down.

By changing the original  tiny brass pulley with a larger one the speed of the bucket is now about 12 seconds from pickup to drop with 10-12 volts at the terminals. This reduces the strain on the motor, the clamshell solenoid runs cooler, and the motor sounds much better too. The original belt is re-used.

A replacement of the MTH Coal Loader Pulley is now being manufactured by Doug Peck  is available at www.portines.com.  Here is a step by step of how I did the installation on my loader.  The pulley is nicely made, fit well and performed great.

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This is a picture of the original on the left and the replacement on the right.
Removal of the drive assembly starts with the removal of these screws

Lay the drive assy. down and remove these four screws.
Remove the large pulley retaining screw.
The large pulley is removed
Separate the spool assembly from the motor assembly and lay it back out of the way.
Using two  screwdrivers pry the original pulley off of the motor shaft.
This is the motor waiting for its new pulley
Start the pulley on to the motor shaft by gently pushing it on .with your fingers
A vice is used to press the pulley fully onto the shaft. Be careful to press it on as squarely a possible.
Press it on until it bottoms out in the hole on the pulley.
Rotate the pulley and check to be sure it runs true on the shaft.  Gently  squeeze in the vice to true it up if  necessary. 
Place the two assemblies back together. Do not screw them together yet.  Re-install the large pulley and screw. 
Put the original belt back now before finishing the assembly. Be sure the belt is not twisted.
Now replace the the four screws.  Don't forget the cable clamp.
Re-check the run-out of the new pulley for wobble and tweak in if needed. 
Ready to go back into the loader.
Be sure that you use the short screw and the long screw in the correct location when mounting the drive into the loader so there is no interference between the screw and the belt and pulley
That's it, not hard to do at all....

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