The Missing Guard Rail
American Models Turnout Modification
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I have added the missing guard rail on all of my American Models turnouts to improve their reliability, especially when backing. Occasionally a wheel will catch on the frog point and this simple modification greatly improved the turnout. I have no idea why it was not part of AM's design. Even the prototype turnouts use them.
The guard rail is made easily from scrap  .148 rail left over from the layout. It is about 1-3/4 inches long. It's not critical on it's length. I nipped of and bent 34 of them in a few minutes. Sand the bottom to flatten out any bulges from the bending.
Glue them in place with thick CA glue in a similar location as the other side's guard rail.  I used a CA glue accelerator on the ties before gluing the rail. You will need to be sure that your rolling stocks wheelsets are in reasonably good gauge. I have yet to have a frog derailment since adding this modification.