American Model's Northern
A quick review

American Model's gorgeous Northern 
(Click on image for larger view)

American Model's new Northern just arrived and after doing a couple of laps around the layout I had to get some images  of her up on the web.

This is a mini review. I will be tearing her down for a TMCC conversion ASAP.

The packaging says be careful when removing the tender so the plastic parts on it's underside do not get broken. Well I got it unpacked just fine but when putting the drawbar screw back in the tender my big thumb pulled off the tool box. It will be easy to re-attach.

Since I will be adding TMCC I  have the DC Hi-Rail version.  The Smoke and chuff work well and she is a very nice running loco. This loco is HEAVY. She gave a whopping 16 ounces of drawbar pull.

 So  this loco is certainly a winner. I will have more details of it's innards as I do my TMCC conversion.

The Body shell is easily removed from the chassis by removing two rear and two front screws and the two screws holding the switch panel to allow it's wires to clear the cross support.
Clean and elegant designed chassis has all drivers driven with internal gearing and the front driver has a pair of traction tires. 
The flywheel is Huge and the motor is large too. The Smoke Switch and tether jack panel are in the cab  
AM's patented smoke unit works well and is geared for two puffs per driver revolution. 

The odd angle of the smoke tube is to align it to the smoke stack.

The headlight has a connector  I would have preferred a LED headlight and also a tender light.