American Flyer Wheels can Short on American Model's Turnout Frog Points 
 Here is an easy fix..
Click on pictures for larger image.

You can see the burn mark on the rail caused by  wide American Flyer style wheels touching both rails at once when crossing over the frog point.  This can damage the electronics in the newer locos and cause the mechanical reverse units in older locos to drop out from the transient interruption..
By cutting a shallow diagonal slit across the rail end as show in the picture, using a Dremel tool cutting wheel, the gap between the north and south rail is widened just enough to keep it from shorting.

You want to be careful not to cut too much of the rail away so the gap the truck must span across the frog is not lengthened.  

Also if you have trouble with drivers picking the frog beveling the frog point a bit should help.