Kit Bashing a Plasticville Coaling Tower 
Making it look prototypical.

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Inspired by the article and plans by Victor Roseman in CTT, I changed to a more prototypical coal cute. It is built up from .040 styrene. I made it so it will raise and lower.
The tower was shortened one and one quarter inches.
I re-used the cross bracing mitered to fit.
The placement of the stairs was too close to the main track so I moved it in line with the front legs.

Here it is freshly painted waiting for weathering.
Here is the added pulley mounting timber. I also added a snow roof over the pulleys The pulleys are turned from a couple of HO power truck wheels. The pulleys mounts are brass stock  

I added window panes and glazing.

I made three working lighting from GOW bulbs, eyelets and heat shrink tubing.  

Chute in the raised position. The counter weights are 3mm glass beads.

The Northern is taking on coal

Here you can see the stair lighting

The conveyer door has a light too.