Making Conifer Trees 

I have been saving our old Christmas wreath for years with the intention of stripping the branches off of it to make Conifer trees for my layout. This style wreath is still being made. I found some at Hobby Lobby that use the same molds and even at full price will make over 300 trees for $40 but I would wait for the them to be on sale usually at 50% off near Christmas.

These trees scale to 20 feet in "S"

The Flocking is a mixture of Woodland Scenics Coarse Turf  Dark Green T1365
and Conifer Green T1366 and Scenic Express Conifer Green Fine EXP 830C.


The plastic is molded in green so I painted them with Krylon Leather Brown and then misted them with Krylon flat black.


Dip the bare tree in white glue and water 50/50 mixture


Tap off the excess glue


Roll in the flocking mixture and tap off the excess flocking.


I found that a light coating is more realistic than using to much flocking. It goes much farther that way too. The white glue that doesn't pick up the flocking will dry clear.


Here are the  Flocked and Bare armatures



Once you get going it takes less than a minute a tree.  Let dry thoroughly.