Country Gas Station
Bashed from Johnny Lightning American Graffiti Diorama

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I bought some of the Johnny Lightning American Graffiti Dioramas several years ago with the thought that I could scavenge the parts to use on the railroad.  I also had an Walthers O gauge Speeder shed that I thought could be re-purposed somehow on the layout.

I had an epiphany that these items could be combined to make a neat little country gas station. I had this small space that needed something and I thought a gas station would be perfect use for it.

The color of the siding was almost a perfect match but I repainted the front doors, windows, and porch roof to match the shed's green trim. 

The foundation/ floor of the Speeder Shed was removed and the shed front doorway was enlarged a bit. 
I added a side service door cut from a Plasticville interlocking tower  The station is mounted on a piece of aircraft plywood and is a going to be built as a diorama itself. 

The chimney is bashed from scraps left over from  IHC engine house brick 

I added vintage roadside barriers to protect the signal tower.


Lighting, driveway and groundcover added. 

Setting at home on the layout.