Gearing Down LTI  American Flyer Power Trucks

The stock Lionel/AF power truck has very poor low speed performance due to it's gearing.  This is a simple modification that uses a replacement  Lionel motor and a gear from one of their other engines with  a simple bracket that is easy to make. 
This modification increases the stock gear ratio from 10:1 to 25:1.
The low end speed and starting performance is much smoother 

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The Speed is reduced so yard and switching duties are  very realistic. 

The motor is Lionel part
#610-8606-103 $12.00

It is the same motor as the original but comes with a different pinion gear
There is no modification to the truck except for the motor screw hole. Reversal of the modification is simple by re-installing the original parts. The hole would not be visible when restored to original configuration  
Top view of the gear bracket made from a piece of 1/16"  aluminum stock.
A motor mounting screw has to be added to the plastic bracket. It is visible just below the pinion gear in this picture.
The intermediate gear is Lionel part
#610-8501-117  $.90
This is a picture of the parts in the new bracket Assembly.

The gear shaft is made from a 6-32x1" Allen head cap screw cut down so the thread length just sticks though the threaded hole in the bracket and the head is ground flat for clearance. The washers are selected for best fit with as little play as possible