New AF Pacific and Heavyweights
A brief Review

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Here are reviews of the new American Flyer Pacific and first Heavyweight passenger cars from Lionel. 

Both are landmark products as neither have been offered for decades. 

First lets look at the new Erie Pacific
Evolving from the Mikado this offering is also a TMCC and Railsound loco. The tender is the same as the Mikado. 

The Pacific version is a very beautifully made loco with a ton of detail and excellent finish. 

The smoke unit is the Suethe type like used in the Mikados.
It has a Railsound voice different from the previous AF TMCC locos and as usual is excellent.

My loco's rear driver was a bit tight and required some additional lubrication and a little run in time to loosen up.

I moved the drivers back and forth laterally to help migrate the new oil into the bearings.
I have found these locos generally break in faster if the moving parts are lightly lubricated with a fine oil like sewing machine oil before running.

The Pacific is another beautiful addition for the growing AF line.
The new Heavyweights

These are not your fathers heavyweights!

They are all new tooling nearer to a scale car with excellent detailing. 

At 13.5 inches they are 1.5 inches longer than the AC Gilbert heavyweights. 
The two car set's number is 6-48983 

The paint and finish are very good. 

The cars couple more closely than the older cars.
The vestibule can be seen through the open end door. 

The side doors do not open though. 
The lighting is a single bulb. 

The #417 coach is part number 6-48985
The Baggage is a car never made by AC Gilbert and is a welcome addition.
They are handsome guys and lots of road names come to mind for many future runs.

The #1735 Baggage's part number is
The all new trucks are a very nice design. The wheel sets are the same style used on their new Northern tender.

Each truck has power pick up from both rails so flickering should be at a minimum. 

Nice looking side frame rendition,
The bottom side has additional detailing.

These cars will be a new legacy for the American Flyer tradition.

Thank you Lionel!