K-Line Ford Factory Kit-bash
Made into a REA Warehouse

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K-Line's Ford Factory makes a nice warehouse facility and is very close to S scale. I changed the front window panes to a more typical looking warehouse design by removing some of the grids making the panes more square.
The "Before" conversion version
 changed the loading dock door to a rollup door.
Amazing how a new paint job and some weathering make it look more real.

Sitting next to a siding on the layout.

Box cars exchanging cargo.


I added lighting to the dock and rear door as well as the adding bulbs to the existing door lights. Not happy with the oversized rear sliding doors I added an overhang  to hide the slide rail and replaced the doors with a rollup type door.

I also added more height to the chimney with a section from a IHC enginehouse chimney 

A night scene. Not so toy like looking now.