Plasticville Interlocking Towers
Painted and detailed

East and West Division towers

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This is my West division interlocking tower

Stair bracing support and lighting added

              East division  towers.
The windows have window shades  the glazing has been diffused.
The Lights are made from Eyelet/Rivets and GOW bulbs. The goose necks are heat-shrink tubing shaped when hot.

The Stairs have the inside stringer added. Here are the one West and two East division towers for the layout
The original stairway was simplified to make the molds easier to make.
The stringers were incomplete on the stock stairs.

The inside Stringer was continued down from the side to the bottom of the stairs. A Stringer fascia was added to the stair outside too 
Close-up of the added Bracing and landing frame boxing.

Added Interior lighting and light blocking floor