Changing AF Waffle Boxcar Trucks

After changing the trucks it looks much more like the prototype car

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       Here is the prototype 50 foot boxcar.
The AF version is only 42 feet long but the casting and decoration are very nicely done.


Compare the AM replacement roller bearing truck to the oversized orginal AF truck.

Here are the new parts. The truck is tapped for the 6-32 bolster screw. There are three spacers totaling 3/16" in thickness.
 I still use the AF style couplers on my layout

AM coupler # CPL601
Am Truck # 822HR

The truck's hole is re-drilled 1/4 inch towards the ends of the car. This gives the correct coupler clearence and also moves the truck to a more prototypical spacing.

The spacers raise the frame 3/16" for the correct clearence.
  This is the finished conversion. It looks much better.